Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Funny Games For Stress Relief

More often than not, you find yourself in a situation where you are with family and friends, but still, you are bored like anything. What could be wrong? The people around you are the ones you are most comfortable with, there is no dearth of time, assuming you are on a holiday, leisure trip or just hanging out and there is definitely no love lost among you people. To get through such suffocating boring times, or break the ice, there is a very simple answer: little funny games.

Come to think of it, how long can you actually discuss the mundane things in life or complain about the weather? There is bound to be something that can be done, which actively involves both, the speaker as well as the listener, because lets face it, half of us are hardly ever interested in becoming agony aunts or uncles for no rhyme or reason. Therefore, playing games, little indoor funny games, may lighten the mood quite a few notches.

Some of the oldest, and should I say, time tested games, that are played every weekend, in homes around the world, are, not intentionally funny but situational. One of them is Silly Message Game, which practically is endless and could go on as long as the ones playing it are enjoying. The object of this funny game is to create a message from the letters given. The first person to play chooses any five random letters, while every next person makes his own message, and the one with the funniest message wins. To make it more interesting, more letters could be added for older players or the game could be theme-based

Another widely popular funny game is who the killer is. In this game, many chits are made, two of which have spy and killer written on them. When drawn randomly, the person who gets the killer chit starts 'killing' the other members by winking at them. Every winked-at member declares he or she is dead. All this while, the one with the spy chit is to get hold of the killer by keen observation. This funny game's fun quotient increases as the number of people playing it increases.

There are many more of these funny games, being passed on from one generation to the next. Their method of playing and their rules are not documented. People treat them as something of their own and make changes, as and one required, increasing interest or raising the stakes. 

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